Meet Diana Garrison

I am a teaching artist who helps creative people like you explore techniques and develop practical skills so you can freely express your creativity and unlock your potential.

For the past 20 years, I have been teaching K-12 students how to execute various art techniques and how to appreciate and talk about the visual arts; and I have been doing all this online for the past ten years. And now I am teaching adult workshops in my home studio, at local venues, and as a guest teacher in other locations.

The creative process is an amazing thing! As I explore my own art-making, I develop new styles and techniques along the way. I love to share that knowledge with others so they can benefit from what I've learned.

I offer tips, tricks, and insights in occasional newsletters for my email subscribers; I create free and paid resources and tools, and I am building a collection of online courses. I am always open to ideas for new things to share.

Won't you join me on this creative journey?


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